Notwithstanding, and over arching, our Constitution, our Members agree and promise, as adopted September 1, 2019, that

We covenant with the triune God and with one another to walk together in all ways of God in Christ Jesus, the man of Nazareth, as revealed to us in the past, as being revealed to us in the present, and as will be revealed to us in the future.

We promise to walk with all watchfulness and tenderness, to bear and forebear, and give and forgive, as Jesus has taught.

We bind ourselves to study the Gospel in peace, and for peace, for those who are both within and without our number, neither slighting the world at large nor laying a stumbling block before any, declaring ourselves to be a welcoming, inclusive, open and affirming, global mission, peace and justice church.

We resolve to live in the way that is pleasing to God in our particular callings; we will not deal unjustly nor oppress any as we recognize ourselves as stewards of God’s bounty; we promise to our best ability to teach our children the knowledge of God and the ways of Jesus:

All this we promise, not by any strength of our own, but through the exemplary life and teaching of Jesus and by the grace of God, keeping us steadfast in the due performance of this Covenant.

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